I still remember being in her room. The evening news was on, the room light augmented my sudden hot flash, and we were on opposite ends of her bed.

“I want to kiss you,” she repeated, as if I hadn’t heard her the first time.

I was naive to think…

There’s a video making the rounds of several women wheelchairing through an airport in the Dominican Republic. For some online users, the clip could pass for a retirement home link-up. For others, it highlights the growing trend of cosmetic enhancements.

The dancehall space has not been exempted from this…

At 27, I should have been working at the lowest level in some nine-to-five job

My salary would have been no more than JMD$60,000 monthly, add $20–25,000 if I worked extra shifts in the call centre industry

Stockings and heels would complete my office ensemble, and I’d have early mornings…

It’s physically the lowest place one can be

And we are often reminded that no matter who we are, what we do, or what we’ve accumulated

We’ll all be buried under the ground

The humbling ground

It’s a place to be walked on, unseen and unheard

But also a place to grow from and develop strong roots and principles

Yes, the empowering ground

It’s a place to pick up all the nourishing and discarded crumbs of knowledge and lessons from those above

And through character sculpted by enlightened soil and resilient concrete, rise above the stomping limitations of those who forget how easy it is to be below

The humbling, empowering ground

It takes nothing to be there

But can equip you with everything having been there


Dear Silent Ravers, stick to dancing, explanations aren’t your friend.

I usually skim over social media garb and Little Kev’s “closeted homosexual” exposé of Taje ‘Silent Ravers’ Pinnock was one.

Jamaican dancer Taje ‘Silent Ravers’ Pinnock

Should you stick around, Little Kev, whose given name is Kevin Mullings, is a…

Dear Jada Kingdom, what the fuck are you doing?

Hostile, I know, but I hate wasting time.

For context, the peg of this story is Kingdom’s appearance in rapper Asian Doll’s recent music video for her breakout hit, Nunnadet Shit. …

Sade Gardner

Bald-headed, freelance entertainment writer. Pro at burning eggs.

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